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"Off the Charts" Music for Church

ver the past few decades, the Christian Church has been showered with so much great music that its tough (and expensive) to keep up with all of it. I don’t know about you, but I need help. I especially need help discovering music that works for congregational singing in my particular context.

Maybe you are like me. So I thought it might be helpful to share the names of a few songs that, in my particular setting, are “off the charts” but “off the charts!” In other words, they are songs that you will most-likely not find on someone’s top 25, but when used in a congregational setting, they are great!

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Congregational Mergers

Recently, I observed what appears to be a successful merger of three United Methodist Congregations into a one  congregation. Three congregations sold their facilities, combined their resources, purchased a different facility, and united their hearts and minds to establish a new and improve witness for Christ in their community. This new ministry is called the…

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Pastors & Search Committees

As a Senior Pastor of a Chicagoland congregation of about 500 folk, I had the privilege of bringing an Associate Pastor on board.  Towards that end, I formed a Pastor Search Committee, of which I was a part. My rational for serving on the committee was that the committee would be selecting my co-worker, my…

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