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The Federated Church – A Pleasant Surprise

It was a pleasant surprise. I had the privilege of spending Advent 2012 with the Federated Church in Sandwich, IL.  A federated church is a local church uniting two or more congregations which maintain different denominational ties. Policies and practices for worship and sacraments are agreed upon such that they accommodate all church members regardless…

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What is the Mission of God?

What is the mission of God? Much has been written in recent years in response to this question, especially among those in the “missional movement.” From this impressive pile of literature we find agreement on, at least, this much: The mission of God is to create a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a chosen people…

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Through Thick and Thin

As Christ-followers, we worship the Lord through thick and thin.  We worship the Lord in good times and bad, with plenty and with little, after victory and after defeat, during storms and while basking in the sun. We also worship the Lord through thick and thin practices.  Have you heard of that distinction? Those who…

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