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Time for Your Church to Renew, Relaunch or Retire?

Is it time for your church to renew, relaunch or retire? Congregations, like living organisms, experience cyclical and predictable seasons. In a manner of speaking, they are given birth in the spring, flourish in the summer, fade in the fall, and die in the winter. Well, not necessarily. While the living organisms of nature have…

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Worship Workshop

This past Saturday (Jan 4, 2014), I had the privilege of leading a worship workshop with the wonderful people of the Calvin Christian Reformed Church in Sheboygan, WI.  About twenty people gathered. The group included vocalists, instrumentalists, audio technicians, and video technicians. In addition to working hard and stretching ourselves out of our comfort zones,…

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The "We Need a Young Pastor" Myth

One of the more common assumptions of aging folk in a body of believers is that their congregation would benefit from a young pastor whom they assume would better relate to (and attract) the younger generation – the Millennials or Generation Ys (those who came of age at the turn of the millennium). In that…

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