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Pastors and congregations: Marriages made in heaven?

The marriage between pastor and congregation can become a beautiful celebration of harmony, like a finely tuned orchestra. The pastor and the church’s leadership are on the same proverbial page, the worship service is exquisite and the various programs run like a clock. The congregation is growing spiritually and numerically, and the community is envious…

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A Relational or Attractional Approach to Reaching Out?

As congregations determine how best to seek and save the lost, they often choose one of two models or a hybrid of both.  These types of approaches may be labeled “attractional” and “relational.” The attractional model hopes to attract people to Christ through programs, such as a Sunday morning service. Once in the doors of…

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Why A Pastor Search Firm

In a short time, ChapterNext has become the leading Pastor Search Firm in the Chicagoland area and Great Lakes region. This past year alone, ChapterNext Founder Sam Hamstra walked alongside seven congregations searching for a new pastor, and assisted several other Search Teams. Perhaps your congregation has experienced a pastoral vacancy and is now considering…

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