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Your congregation a frontier church or immigrant church?

Throughout the history of Christianity, I have observed two models of church planting that, for the sake of this conversation, I will label Frontier & Immigrant. Typically, the Frontier model church plant is the fruit of an evangelist who, in obedience to the call of God, brings the Gospel to a new geographic area or…

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Is it time to close our doors?

The leadership of Grace Church was facing a pastoral vacancy, a recurring challenge in the life of a congregation. They were also challenged by declining worship attendance, the absence of new members (by birth or profession), insufficient resources to call a full-time pastor, and a tired but dwindling core-group of dedicated members who felt an…

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Request #1: On Worship Attendance

Can we stop claiming it’s not about numbers while at the same time advertising our worship attendance? Have you ever asked the same question? Perhaps you were at a conference featuring the pastor of a large church. The short bio in the program informed you of the thousands attending the church. The host who introduced…

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