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This Feels Like Grandma’s Church

TWENTY WAYS MY DAUGHTER’S CHURCH DIFFERS FROM HER GRANDMOTHER’S While shopping for a new home, you checked out a three-bedroom ranch most recently owned by a 90 year-old grandmother who had lived in it for over 40 years before her death. It was priced to sell by her children who indicated the home needed a…

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Meetings Without the Pastor About the Pastor

Yet one more time, I received word of a secret meeting without the pastor about the pastor.  The most recent was like most of those which preceded it: A couple men in positions of authority “felt led” to invite others to an off-site meeting so the two of them could share their concerns about the…

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What is our mission as a church?

It was hard to admit but after several weeks of conversations with congregants, Grace Church was forced to acknowledge that their mission as a church was maintenance. They discovered that their entire purpose boiled down to keeping the church running and paying the bills.  Now there are people who get excited about maintenance, auto mechanics…

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