A Servant's Prayer

praying hands

Heavenly Father, creator of the universe, source of perfect love, to You belong all glory and praise. To you belong all things. In your bounteous love you have provided for us. You provide for our needs before we know that we have needs. You love us in our inadequacy. You offer us salvation in our unworthiness. You guide us in our blindness. You care for us when we are abandoned by all others.

Too often I have failed you. I have held back in fear. I have ignored your call. I have run from my obligation to you, the Father. And yet, you continue to love me, forgive me, and call me to You. I will follow You in faith because, while I cannot understand your reasons, I trust in Your unfailing goodness. You know and I follow for you are Holy.

Your unfailing strength and love is the source of all that I do. Allow me to follow in your footsteps. Empower me, through the Spirit, to wash the feet of men.  Encourage me when I am abandoned by others.  Guide me when I wander from Your loving teaching and example. Strengthen my faith when my faith fails me. 

Guide all ministries in which I am involved. Make me useful to Your purposes. Make me Your tool, the conduit for Your message. Let my actions demonstrate love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control every day and in every action.  Send Your Spirit to me.  Make me a beacon for others that they might enjoy the joyful life eternal You offer to all believers. 

I thank You and bless Your holy name, praying in the name of Your Son, sent among men, to live, suffer, die and be resurrected as Your sign that everything, even death, is conquered in your name.  Bless and keep me and my endeavors in Your most holy name. 


Walt Hoshaw, the author of this prayer, is a Master of Divinity student at Northern Seminary, as well as a board member and Sunday school teacher with the Creekwood Church in Rockford, Illinois.

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