Applying for a Worship Leader Position?

worship leadersA church which announces a full-time position which includes responsibilities as a worship leader will receive well over fifty inquiries. If you are one of that number, you want to make it easy for Search Teams, Human Resource folk, Pastoral Staff members, and others who review your submission to catch a glimpse of your person and your gifts. (I will refer to this group of folk who review submissions as “we.”) You can accomplish that goal by providing a simple one to two page resume (Please don’t include GPA), a list of references, and by preparing an easily accessible web-site or a list of links to videos.

With respect to videos, be sure to prepare video links which feature these three skills: worship leader, vocalist, and musician. Let’s look at each one in reverse order.

As to musicianship: what we hope to hear when reviewing your video is great music. We want to know that you can form an ensemble, coach vocalists, create unique mixes of instrumentation and voices, select quality songs, share leadership, write and/or arrange music, and the like.

As to vocalist: We hope to hear a voice which can carry the lead line (and do so in a key in which the congregation can sing), as well as pass off the lead line and improvise off the lead line or harmonize with it.

As to worship leader: We hope to see you engage the congregation and prompt their praise. So, we need to see your expressions and your mannerisms. (Video’s from the balcony of a sanctuary are not much help.) Plus, we need to see you that you lead with and without an instrument. Finally, we need to see and hear you lead worship! Ideally, your video will begin with a welcome to those gathered, songs threaded together with Scripture, and prayer. Towards that end, a fifteen minute video of one service will be more helpful than a montage of services.

Follow those suggestions and you will offer a nice window through which we may witness your unique set of gifts.  More important to that window, however, is the will of God since the best place to serve is where the Lord wants us to serve. So to all our human efforts we add prayer – and a lot of it.

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