Bi-Vocational Missional Pastor Opportunity

WPBC designed profileWoodruff Place Baptist Church (Indianapolis, IN), a missional congregation located in and serving the near eastside of Indianapolis, awaits the arrival of a Bi-Vocational Missional Pastor to lead her into a new chapter of ministry. This urban congregation envisions a general practitioner who embraces the three-dimensional life of Christ: reaching up to the Lord, reaching out to the community, and reaching into to the fellowship of believers.

As a general practitioner, the Pastor of the WPBC will enjoy many opportunities to serve Christ and His Church, first and foremost of which is preaching. Additional opportunities include leading the congregation in pursuit of its mission and in incremental growth, planning and leading the weekly gatherings of the congregation, providing pastoral care for the congregation, and following the prompting of the Spirit as a faithful and diligent servant of the Lord.

karlstrong-760x227WPBC is a dynamic, missional, multi-ethnic, neighborhood-based, non-affiliated congregation in the Baptist tradition. Reflecting many of the values of the Christian Community Development model pioneered by John Perkins, this young congregation views itself as an agent for Christ in its community, as a source of community development (as people gather together throughout the week), and as an instrument of reconciliation (as congregational worship breaks down racial, educational and cultural barriers.) Consequently, WPBC is known throughout its area as a caring congregation that desires to impact the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

8454024_GThe facility of the WPBC is located on the east side of Indianapolis, IN, just two miles from downtown. The one-mile radius surrounding the facility includes three neighborhoods: Woodruff Place, Willard Park, and St. Clair. All but one member of the congregation live in this three-neighborhood region. The church is within sight of Arsenal Tech High School, with its 2500 students. Indianapolis, the largest city in Indiana, is the state capital and includes amenities like those cities twice its size, including several professional sports teams and many outstanding cultural venues.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity,  shoot an email to ChapterNext – or submit your resume here. Should you not have personal interest, please feel free to share this announcement with your colleagues. Thanks in advance for any consideration you provide.


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