ChapterNext Launches "Congregational Wellness Survey"

ChapterNext has developed a “Congregational Wellness Survey” to measure a congregation’s perception of its health. By measuring the vital systems of a congregation – including but not limited to worship, nurture, and  witness –  this tool allows the people in the pews to share their thoughts about the effectiveness of their congregation’s ministry.

ChapterNext founder Sam Hamstra, Jr. and his associate Vanu Kantayya developed the “Congregational Wellness Survey” survey and have begun using it in the pastor search process.  The survey has proven invaluable because the survey yields a portrait of a congregation by a congregation, a portrait which can be shared with pastoral candidates. Such information, when included in a Congregational Profile, takes the guessing game out the equation in a pastor search.

Kantayya notes, “For too long, church leadership has instituted the important task of a pastoral search without any significant tools. Chapter Next offers such a tool to assess the health and needs of a church so that the appropriately gifted pastor is called.  In short, the survey is a a great tool to match a pastor to a church.”

The survey can also be used by leaders seeking to better understand their congregations. Before heading out to the annual leadership retreat or planning session, why not have the congregation take the survey before the retreat? Think of how much easier it will be to develop strategies for the coming year with a diagnostic report in your hands? With such information, you will be far better equipped to provide effective leadership for the congregation.

Plus, the survey is easy to administer. The survey can be easily accessed on-line through a link that can be emailed to each household  in the congregation.  Contact us right away for more information or to schedule your “Congregational Wellness Survey.”

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