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keith_knightChapterNext is now an international church consultancy through the addition of Keith Knight, the newest member of the ChapterNext Team. Keith, who lives in Guelph, Ontario, has held a life-long passion for the church and a more recent passion to “connect the right pastor to the right church.” He serves as the executive director of the Canadian Christian Business Federation, a national association of Christian business leaders who long to connect their faith with their vocation. He has served for six years as the stated clerk (administrator) of Classis Huron of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.

Keith brings to ChapterNext an extensive background in leadership development, communication and marketing. He has served as communication director in the Christian Reformed Church, communication director for The Presbyterian Church in Canada, and as interim editor of The Anglican Journal. Before that he served as editor for various daily and weekly newspapers in Ontario.

Keith is broadly ecumenical. In fact, membership in the Canadian Christian Business Federation includes Christians from every denomination in Canada who share a passion to reflect Christ in their working lives.

Keith has been married to Marian, a registered nurse, for 42 years. They have five married daughters and 12 grandchildren. Three of the daughters married Americans  (blame American colleges) and live in Palm Bay, FL and Seattle, WA. The other two live in Hamilton ON.

His passion for the church is recognized through his experience as a seven-term elder, often serving as chair of council and usually in a setting where the church was ‘vacant’. He understands the ‘vacant church’ culture and the struggles that search committees face as they attempt to find a suitable pastor to fill their needs. That passion was been heightened more recently as he dealt with a number of separations between church and pastor in area congregations. He says he experienced a sense of helplessness, watching pastors and councils struggle. He says he regularly wished that the denomination employed ‘bishops’. “ChapterNext does more than a bishop could,” he says. “A bishop could strategically move pastors around. ChapterNext carefully and intentionally connects qualified pastors to suitable congregations … so that both can flourish.”

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