ChapterNext Partners with Acts3 Network!

The friendship between Sam Hamstra, founder of ChapterNext, and John Armstrong, the founder of the Acts3 Network has led to a partnership between the two ministries.  The relationship was made official when the board of the Acts3 Network recognized ChapterNext as an “Associate Partner.”  As such, ChapterNext enjoys a “reciprocal, on-going relationship with ACT3 Network that provides synergy, friendship and mutual support in Christ’s mission.”  “Its’ great,” said Hamstra, “to have a friend like John. He has and will continue to be a source of encouragement as together we serve the Church of Jesus Christ.”

ACT3 is a network of relational partnerships between churches, missions and leaders. The ministry is led by John Armstrong who has been inspired by the spirit of missional-ecumenism: the idea that unity among the whole church is central to spreading Christ’s kingdom to the ends of the earth.

ChapterNext is a Chicagoland-based consultancy dedicated to helping congregations open new chapters of dynamic and life-transforming ministry. If your congregation would like to turn the page and begin writing a new chapter of ministry, contact us. ChapterNext is here to help as a Pastor Search Consultant, Church Consultant (with attention to Congregational Wellness and Congregational Mergers),Worship and Team-Building Workshop Leader, Preaching and Worship-Leading Coach, and Conference or Event Speaker. Contact us and let’s talk!

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