Letter of Recommendation from Rev. Cal Aardsma

August 7, 2012

This past year Bethel Christian Reformed Church began a Pastoral Search. Rev. Sam Hamstra was brought in to assist us as we reviewed our structure and job descriptions discerning the next step for our ministry. Once we clarified the shape of the pastoral vacancy and type of person we were seeking, he worked intimately with the Search Committee.

Rev. Hamstra brought a variety of gifts to the Search process. He is a strong networker with connections in the Christian Reformed Church, the Reformed Church in America and beyond. This resulted in connections which would not have happened without his assistance. He developed a clear understanding of the church, community, & ministry and helped us focus our efforts on those who would be the best fit. He was very sensitive to the process and offered helpful advice. As an independent consultant he was able to have open and honest communication with potential candidates. Through his help and the Lord’s leading the search process went quickly and smoothly and we are excited about the next chapter in Bethel’s ministry.

I highly recommend him and his ministry.               

In Christ,

Rev. Calvin Aardsma