New Hope Missionary Baptist Church

It was a beautiful day to fellowship with the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. This vibrant and young congregation, led by co-pastors Dr. Leroy Mitchell and the Rev. G. Joseph Mitchell, gathers in a beautiful facility just blocks from the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL.

Rev. G. Joseph Mitchell (pictured on the right below), a 2012 graduate of  Northern Seminary, invited me to preach for the New Hope congregation. This church also includes one more 2012 graduate of the seminary, the Rev. David Seymour (pictured on the left below). God has been using him to disciple university students.  What a privilege to worship with two former students and their congregation. (Plus, I was able to participate in a service that had both historic roots and contemporary relevance).  What a joy to watch former students thrive as ministers of the Gospel.

As for my part, I had the privilege of teaching the church on Mark 9:14-29. The title of the message was “I Believe! Help My Unbelief.”  I trust that the congregation was as blessed by the message as I was blessed by their fellowship. I came home assured that I am safe in the loving arms of my Father in heaven.

Living in DeKalb and looking for a congregation of Christ-followers serious about getting it done for the Lord?  Check out New Hope Missionary Baptist Church.



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