"Off the Charts" Music for Church

Over the past few decades, the Christian Church has been showered with so much great music that its tough (and expensive) to keep up with all of it. I don’t know about you, but I need help wading through the sacred music that God has inspired over the past decades. I especially need help discovering music that works for congregational singing in my particular context.

Maybe you are like me. So I thought it might be helpful to share the names of a few songs that, in my particular setting, are “off the charts” but “off the charts!” In other words, they are songs that you will most-likely not find on someone’s top 25, but when used in a congregational setting, they are great!

The first one is “O Magnify the Lord With Me” by Guy Robinson. The song has been recorded by Bishop TD Jakes and the Potter’s House Mass Choir.  The lyrics begin with Psalm 34:3 and take off from there: “O magnify the Lord with me! Won’t you help me bless his name?” If you are looking for a “call to worship” song to open your Sunday service, this song may work for you. My congregation loved it, especially when a soloist, like a herald, sang the verse all the way through before inviting the congregation to join in.

The second song is “Magnificent” by New Yorker Kevin Singleton. For years, he has been writing great music for congregational singing. Some of it has even been picked up by Israel Houghton. Now here is one of Singleton’s song. It is an easy to sing worship song with powerful lyrics. The verse and chorus go like this:

Magnificent, my Glorious God and King, Wonderful!
Magnificent, Creator Of All Things, Powerful!
Who Can Compare To You?
None Can Compare To You!

Magnificent and Glorious,
Majestic and Victorious,
King of nations, Ruler of all the earth.

The third song is a commitment song written by the young worship leader and recording artist William McDowell. It is called “I Give Myself Away.”  This song fits well towards the end of a service, but before the closing prayer or benediction.  Through this song, the congregation prays: “Here I am. Here I stand. Lord, my life is in your hands. Lord, I’m longing to see your desires revealed in me. I give myself away – so you can use me.” Then, after the congregation concludes that prayer, the pastor or worship leader can bless and send the congregation to the world as witnesses for Christ.

So, here are three “off the charts” songs!  Check them out and let me know what you think. Maybe one or more will work for your congregation. And maybe you would like to recommend an “Off the Charts” song that is “Off the Charts!





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  1. jonathan on April 14, 2014 at 9:19 pm

    This is awesome…today i was just walking around campus going to classes and the song “magnificent” started playing in the back of my mind after all these years of not hearing it. So here I am searching the web for the lyrics but can’t find it! This is a great song though, sad that its not as popular.

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