Pastor Search

The time has come to search for a new pastor and you wonder how to go about such an awesome responsibility. You hope and pray for a candidate who embodies the 5 Cs: Character, Competency, Chemistry (or fit with your congregation), Culture (or fit with your community), and Credentials. But how do you find such a person?

In the past ten years many congregations have discovered the benefit of contracting the services of ChapterNext, one of the leading pastor search firm in the United States. ChapterNext offers three distinct models of pastor search.

ChapterNext can HELP YOUR Search Team – We will visit your congregation and community for a weekend, meet with your search team, develop a plan for an effective search, and resource the plan.

ChapterNext can WORK WITH YOUR Search Team – This is our most popular model, especially among congregations utilizing search teams. In addition to the services provided in the first model, ChapterNext will meet with and coach your Search Team throughout the entire process until a pastor is discovered.

ChapterNext can work FOR YOU– In this model ChapterNext conducts a search and then submits a short list of quality candidates to members of a church staff, such as a Lead Pastor or Executive Pastor.

Whatever model chosen, ChapterNext completes its work in a biblical, effective and affordable manner.