The Rise of the Pastor Search Firm

Senior-Pastor-Search-300x231In a recent issue of the Chicago Tribune, one of the city’s daily newspapers, you will find an article by Ted Gregory entitled “Hunting heads and hearts for the Lord: Search firms take page from corporate book to match pastors with churches.” In this article, Gregory chronicles the rise of Pastor Search Firms during the first 15 years of the twenty-first century in America. He cites the growing number of American Protestant congregations seeking the help of individuals and companies specializing in assisting congregations in searches for their next pastors. As examples of pastor search firms, he highlights the Vanderbloemen Search Group and Minister Search, two excellent companies. To that list we may add others, including the Slingshot Group, McGowan Search, and ChapterNext.

ChapterNext differs from others in several ways: it specializes in working alongside traditional congregational search teams; it is a small, nimble, and family owned company; it blends best practices from the human resources industry with biblical principles and reliance upon the Holy Spirit; it is the only Pastor Search Firm located in Chicagoland; it has conducted searches for Senior Pastors, Associate Pastors, Worship Pastors, and Youth Pastors.

If your congregation is about to begin a search for a pastoral staff member, check out ChapterNext. You will not be disappointed.

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