The Ideal Senior Pastor or "1st" Chair

In response to my blog on the Ideal Associate Pastor or “2nd Chair”, I received a request to write about the qualities of the ideal Senior Pastor or “1st Chair.” That request led me to consult with some Associate Pastors from whom I received great insight, the kind I wish I would have received while serving as a Senior Pastor. Here is the beginning of a list of essential qualities, as determined  by Associate Pastors, for the ideal Senior Pastor.

  1. The ideal Senior Pastor will embrace the principle of shared ministry (Ephesians 4:11) and, thereby, choose to benefit from the collective wisdom of the pastoral team.
  2. The ideal Senior Pastor will humbly acknowledge that he or she has blind spots and biases which hinder effectiveness and which will inevitably negatively impact the congregation.
  3. The ideal Senior Pastor will trust the Associate Pastor to identify these blind spots and biases; then facilitate opportunities for open conversation about strategies to compensate for them.
  4. With the help of the many resources available, the ideal Senior Pastor will learn how best to encourage, motivate, and support the Associate Pastor.
  5. The ideal Senior Pastor will meet regularly with the Associate Pastor for conversation, prayer, dialogue, and feedback. These meetings will take place in a variety of settings: formal and informal, over a meal or in the office, while attending a conference or participating in some kind of regional gathering.  They will also be limited to the Senior and Associate Pastor and, thereby, provide opportunity for ongoing coaching, correction, and direction.
  6. The ideal Senior Pastor will recognize that the relationship with the Associate Pastor is just that: a relationship, one founded in Christ and made possible by a shared commitment to serve Christ in a particular context. While completing the tasks in a position description is very important, this relationship is not, at its core, a work relationship whose strength is determined by performance.It is more akin to a familial relationship whose strength is determined by loyalty, trust and dialogue.

What’s missing here?  No doubt, its already  a demanding list, one that requires a significant outpouring of grace and wisdom for both the Senior and Associate Pastor. Praise the Lord that such gifts flow like a river to those who are thirsty.


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