Three Congregations – One Mission

onemissionThree congregations  have come together on one mission: to reach the teenagers of their congregations and community with the love of Jesus Christ. The Federated Church of Sandwich, the United Church of Sandwich, and the Union Congregational church of Somonauk have embarked on a unique journey. In a remarkable statement of unity in Christ, these three congregations have agreed to call a Youth Director to serve the teenagers of the three congregations, as well as those in the community.

As part of the discerning process, Chapter Next was invited to join a Search Team with representatives from each church. In a short time, the Search Team identified devout Christian leaders who desired to work with youth in the community, prepared, and participated in several rounds of interviews, and made its decision.

The three congregations have called Sean Williams to serve as their first Youth Director. Sean is a graduate of Sandwich High School and Northern Illinois University. He was nurtured in the faith as a member of the Federated Church of Sandwich. He looks forward to working with the youth of Sandwich and giving back to the community of which he has been a part most of his life.

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