Why A Pastor Search Firm

Next Chapter 2In a short time, ChapterNext has become the leading Pastor Search Firm in the Chicagoland area and Great Lakes region. This past year alone, ChapterNext Founder Sam Hamstra walked alongside seven congregations searching for a new pastor, and assisted several other Search Teams.

Perhaps your congregation has experienced a pastoral vacancy and is now considering a partnership with a Pastor Search firm. If so, someone in the congregation will surely ask, “Why a Pastor Search firm?” Here’s a short list of benefits identified by clients of ChapterNext. Maybe one or more of them will be helpful as you speak to congregational leaders

  1. The Search Team is supported by a Pastor Search Consultant who shares its values,  such as love for Christ and His Church, the conviction that the local church is the hope of the world, and humble dependence upon the Lord as evidenced through fervent prayer.
  2. The search process benefits from an objective third-party whose goal is a great match between pastor and people. With this person in place, both pastoral candidates and congregations are more forthcoming about strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  3. The Search Team gains the benefit of thirty years of pastoral experience and seven years of experience as a Pastor Search Consultant. This experience minimizes costly mistakes that may lengthen a pastoral vacancy.
  4. The discernment process for discovering the next pastor is designed specifically for and with the Search Team, one which affirms the distinct roles of church leaders, congregations, and denominations. ChapterNext does not offer a one-for-all cookie-cutter program.
  5. By God’s grace, ChapterNext has completed each of its searches in less than twelve months. Compare that to the alternative – typically a two-year pastoral vacancy during which membership and contributions decline.
  6. ChapterNext has and continues to build a vast network of contacts to identify quality candidates not easily found by traditional search committees.
  7. ChapterNext enjoys a growing reputation for developing an accurate portrait of a congregation, a tool which proves invaluable when seeking the right fit between a pastor and people.
  8. ChapterNext clients enjoy interaction with a small, personable and affordable firm whose sole mission is to help congregations to turn the page so that, with the help of the Lord, they can begin writing the next chapter of ministry.

Hope that list helps you as your congregation closes one chapter, turns the page, and prepares for the next chapter. For more, check out the Testimonials Page!  Or contact us!

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